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A new age of learning

The ambitious launch of Studi.se is now a fact. After Beta mode last fall, the product is now all set for full launch. Through an advanced, yet simple to use, platform and toolbox children all around Sweden will have access to an easier way of not only achieving better grades, but to learn for life.

Studi.se offers hundreds of custom made videos, thousands of quizzes and tests and tools to ease of administrative burden on teachers all wrapped in an inspiring and motivating environment. The whole concept is based on the Swedish curriculum Lgr 11.

During summer 2013 existing content will be extended with content covering the Primary grades 4-6, hence offering full coverage of the curriculum for grades 4 to 9, years 10 to 15.

Please stay tuned for more info when Studi.se takes on the quest of supporting the new generations in learning more and improving grades.