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Rovio owner invests in Goo Technologies

Congratulations to Goo Technologies, securing a strategic investment from MOOR, a super angel investor owned by Kaj Hed, Chairman and 70% stakeholder in Rovio, creators of the successful Angry Birds franchise.

The investment was made public in mid-August and the full press release is available here.

We are excited about working with such an exceptional team and a technology that can bring a disruptive change to the interactive graphics industry,” said Kaj Hed. “Goo is extremely well positioned to be a real HTML5 ecosystem game changer, on any screen.”

People have truly been astonished by what we can do with the Goo Engine,” said Marcus Krüger, Chairman, Goo Technologies.  “The industry is waking up to the fact that HTML5 and WebGL represent a massive shift in how games are distributed and how people create and access interactive graphics online.

Full press release can be found here.