PunktB is a venture capital and venture management firm focusing on early-stage and growth investments.

You’re invited to grow with us!

Great entrepreneurship evolves through interaction with future customers, partners, suppliers, future employees and not the least other talented and experienced people that can bring new insight and knowledge that may sharpen your business idea and company.

For years, PunktB has been offering entrepreneurs and start-ups a chance to rent a desk or a room in such an environment in their house on Saltmätargatan 19 in Stockholm. The house has been around for hundreds of years, but the people residing here is in the front line of new business and exploring new technologies and solutions.

The office has an attractive location on Saltmätargatan 19 in the city of Stockholm, neighbour to one of the best business schools in the world, Stockholm School of Economics and Metro station Rådmansgatan just around the corner.

Some history
The incubator has been the first home to plus 50 different companies over the years, where some being Klarna, Springworks, Mobile Interaction, Fabrication Games, Resolution Games and more. A majority of all the PunktB companies has its origin from the house and in addition a large number of companies with no direct investment from PunktB.

PunktB Incubation is a certified incubator by Almi Invest AB, the Governmentally funded organisation to empower Small- and Medium sized companies all around Sweden through advisory services, financing and investments.

Want to join?
If you wish to get a one to one introduction of the house and what our Incubator has to offer, call or e-mail us directly. Entrepreneurs have no time to loose!