PunktB is a venture capital and venture management firm focusing on early-stage and growth investments.

The special glow we can see in the eyes of an entrepreneur when he, for the first time, visits our office and explains his or her idea – is awesome. Most often you have to kill the drive by getting them closer to reality but sometimes you get dragged in your self. You see the sparkle with your own eyes and you know it is going to fly. That is why I have been doing this for almost my whole working life.

When people ask why they should come to us to get help I have a hard time to give a proper answer – it is all to depending on every different case. We can do a lot of stuff and we have a lot of experience but at the end it is the relationship we have with the entrepreneur that is making everything worth something. We are also entrepreneurs – we’re joining their ride as co-founders, or in worst case we start the business by ourselves from the beginning dragging the in to us.

I think the best answer to the question if and what difference we make comes from all those who have previously started business with us – they know. Please look at our testimonials!

My personal skills?
I have done this my whole life – I know nothing else but this!

I am currently based in South East Asia. But besides being at our Bangkok office I am also visiting Europe and Sweden on a regular basis.

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